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Sculpture exhibition with recycled materials

By the artist Aurelien Lortet

Aurelien Lortet is a graduate in Fine Arts from the Autonomous Faculty of Barcelona and the Spanish Ministry of Education, specialized in sculpture. This degree is homologated from the "Diplôme Supérieur d'Arts Plastiques" that he obtained previously at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA) with honorable mention by the jury and recognized by the French Ministry of Culture.

In addition, he counts on a complementary formation composed by the course of Curator of exhibitions, of A.A. II.CC. Junta de Andalucía. Training course "Educate in digital", from the Telefonica Foundation. Course on props, polystyrene decorations, from A.A. II.CC. Junta de Andalucía, the Diploma of Stage Manager, ESCÉNICAS, of the Institute of Scenic Studies of Seville, the Diploma of Technician in Training, Junta de Andalucía, the Seminar "Art and Market", CAAC, in Seville and his experience as a scholarship holder of the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.
His professional career consists of several milestones. In 2022 he was a guest artist for the workshop "The Artistic Toy" at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, where he was a monitor of artistic activities, framed in the program "Experiencias Creativas 2022" organized by DIAVOLO Producción S.L. and the Provincial Council of Seville.
In 2021 he was invited to give a lecture and a workshop entitled: "Reciclamorfosis, creativity is just around the corner" in the conference: "Unlearning for teachers crazy about deconditioning" organized by the City Council of Murcia. In addition, he was a guest artist in the workshop entitled "The recycled city", with recycled materials, at the Villa H.Daumier , Valmondois , France.
In 2020 he was monitor of 9 workshops in RECICLAR ARTE 2020, framed in the Recapacicla program of environmental education on waste and recycling aimed at the Andalusian university community of the Junta de Andalucía and monitor of multidisciplinary artistic teaching, in the program "Art and Mental Health Workshop" of the Portobelo Day Center, FAISEM, Seville.
Previously, in 2019 he was director of the workshop" Lifeline" of the Master in "Art, Idea and Production" of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville and Monitor of multidisciplinary artistic teaching, program "Art and Mental Health Workshop" Portobelo Day Center.
In 2018 he was a teacher of multidisciplinary artistic teaching, in Maison de Arts Solange Baudoux, Evreux, France where he performed tasks in workshops with migrants, sculpture, drawing and painting. In addition, he was a monitor of an animated book/cut-out paper workshop, at the Evreux Library, France. He was also instructor of a workshop of construction of musical instruments with recycled materials and realization of two sound structures with wheel, for a musical parade, at the Michelet School, Evreux. Mediator for the exhibition "De la lettre á l'image", in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou Paris and the Maison de Arts d'Evreux, Maison des Arts d'Evreux, France.
In 2017 he is regidor of assembly and mediator in the exhibition "Under the moon II" play by Miquel Navarro, in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou Paris with the Maison des Arts d'Evreux, France. Mediator of the round table on "Art Brut" at the First National Congress of Art and Mental Health in Seville, organized by FAISEM, Spain. In it, he carried out the realization of a sand castle "Turtle Island" in Ayunt. Evreux, France.
In 2016 works in the assembly of the exhibition RECICLAR ARTE 2016, IV Certamen Andaluz de Arte y reciclaje, Casa Colón, Huelva, as technical assistant in the assembly of the installation of Isidoro López-Aparicio in CICUS, Seville. Monitor in two Art and Recycling workshops, "Creative Experience" program, Seville Provincial Council. Monitor of the comics workshop, Mairena del Alcor Library. Making of a sand castle "Babel Krak" Ayunt. Evreux, France.
He has curated exhibitions such as "El lenguaje de la materia, la obra de Francisco Espinoza Dueñas" Arco de Santa María, Ayuntamiento de Burgos, For the Fundación Caja Rural del Sur, (2012), "El lenguaje de la materia, la obra de Francisco Espinoza Dueñas" at the Casa de la Provincia, Sevilla and at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Huelva, for the Fundación Caja Rural del Sur (2011).
He has been a freelance furniture restorer and for the Provincial Council of Seville, as a monitor of furniture restoration courses, Province of Seville (1998-2006). And Professor of furniture restoration at the Workshop School "Castillo e Luna" City Council of Mairena del Alcor (2003).
He has been a communicator and coordinator in numerous congresses and winner of First Prize RESIDU-ART in the DRAP ART of Barcelona, First Prize in the 2nd Contest RECICLAR ARTE 2014 and 2 Prize in the VI Contest RECICLA ARTE 2018.

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